Save time and money with HPE server management!

  • Datum:
    • 21-02-2019: 12:00 - 16:30
  • Capaciteit: 25 personen
  • Prijs: Gratis
  • Plaatsen vrij: 23 personen
  • Min. aantal deelnemers: 5 personen
  • Taal Seminarie: Engels


We will give you an overview of the current management solutions and features from the current HPE Proliant server series.


On-systems management is done with the iLO (integrated Lights-Out) feature. We’ll take a deep dive in how configuring and using this simple but powerful tool.

We’ll explore the default features, and the options that are unlocked with the iLO Advanced license.

Tired of calling HPE Support to open a case? Did you know that every Proliant server has built-in phone home functionality and create support cases automatically for you?


On-premise management is done with iLO Amplifier Pack and/or OneView, depending of the needs and expectations, and the number of servers. Also here we explore all features, and compare which tool is best for your situation.

And you’ll see why iLO Amplifier Pack is important if you want to use InfoSight for servers, recently announced by HPE!


Finally, there is also cloud-based management with Insight Remote Support. This web portal gives the possibility to follow up the health and state of all your customers IT environments from anywhere. Also case handling is done here, and warranties and carepacks will never expire again since you will get an alert…


As you can see, join us on an exciting journey on HPE server management, and make your life and support experience easier!

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Parking space available Who can attend? All levels in a sales or presales function. Training format & delivery: Afternoon face-to-face training The training sessions are given in English by our HPE/Tech Data Advanced Solutions product specialist Bart Heungens. Are you a Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner? If you follow this workshop you will be eligible for 9 Knowledge Credits!


  • 12:00 uur Welcome with lunch and drinks
  • 13:00 uur Session
  • 14:00 uur Coffee break
  • 14:30 uur Session continued
  • 15:30 uur After discussion with cava and finger food
  • 16:30 uur End?
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